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Los Angeles RhinoplastyOne of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in Los Angeles, rhinoplasty is also popular nationwide, with hundreds of thousands of nose reshaping surgeries performed each year. Both men and women frequently seek changes in the appearance of their noses. Our cosmetic nose surgery specialists, Dr. Grant Stevens and associates , are board-certified plastic surgeons who are known for their rhinoplasty experience and training.

If you are seriously considering rhinoplasty and are ready to take the next step, you can receive a free consultation with one of our surgeons by requesting your appointment online and scheduling during one of the convenient times he has set aside exclusively for Web visitors. If you’re unsure about scheduling a consultation, but you would like additional advice and information you can trust, chat online with our patient coordinator for a no-obligation, confidential discussion of your most personal questions.

Your nose is a dominant feature on your face and plays an important role in determining your overall appearance. The modern nasal surgery techniques our surgeons use for their Los Angeles rhinoplasty patients focus on reshaping undesirable features of the nose while retaining those features that are attractive. The goal of these techniques is to create a natural-appearing nose that enhances your facial proportions.

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Nose surgery is divided into two categories: cosmetic and functional. Examples of cosmetic procedures on the nose include reducing a prominent bump on the bridge or refining a bulbous nasal tip. Cosmetic changes are visible on the outside of the nose.

Functional improvements involve opening the nasal airways so that it is easier to breathe. The most common functional problem is a deviated septum (a midline cartilage structure that divides the nose into right and left sides). Impairment of nasal breathing is considered a health problem and is typically covered by health insurance.

Many of our Los Angeles nose surgery patients have both cosmetic and functional concerns about their nose. An example would be a severely deviated septum that results in a blocked nasal airway and a visibly crooked nose. Other patients may seek medical treatment for breathing problems, but would also like to improve the cosmetic appearance of their nose. For instance, a patient may have nasal airway obstruction and an unattractive bump on the bridge. There are advantages to correcting both functional and cosmetic problems at the same time.

Our surgeons also have experience correcting poor results obtained following nose surgery from another practice. Many men and women considering revision rhinoplasty in Los Angeles choose our practice to take advantage of our surgeons’ skill.

Nose shapes and patient desires vary greatly. Advice about nasal surgery should be individualized to the particular patient’s needs. When you request a rhinoplasty consultation with our surgeons online, you’ll get access to special benefits only available to our online visitors, including free consultations at select times. You can also call us at 877.298.9915 in Marina Del Rey today to schedule your consultation.

To learn more in the comfort of your own home, download a Free Guide to Cosmetic Surgery, filled with details about the things that matter most for our plastic surgery patients. When you’re ready, our surgeons are available to review your cosmetic and functional concerns and help you determine your best options.