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Rhinoplasty Risks & Complications Los Angeles

Los Angeles RhinoplastyEvery surgical procedure carries risks such as infection, bleeding, hematoma (a collection of blood under the skin that must be removed) and reaction to anesthesia. Most Los Angeles nose surgery patients want to find out more about these potential risks and complications before they talk with a surgeon in person. After all, your health is a top concern, and only you know the level of risk you are comfortable with. That said, rhinoplasty has proven to be a safe procedure when performed by a skilled board certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Grant Stevens.

To learn more in the comfort of your own home, download a Free Guide to Cosmetic Surgery, filled with details about the things that matter most for our plastic surgery patients, including details about surgical risk. When you’re ready, our surgeons are happy to provide even more detail in person.

Complications are uncommon for Los Angeles “nose job” patients, but can include:

  • Nosebleeds
  • Numbness of the skin
  • Small bursting of blood vessels on the skin’s surface
  • Small scars on the base of the nose
  • Under-correction or over-correction
  • Minor swelling, which can continue for at least several months

Following your surgeon’s advice before and after surgery will help minimize the risk of complications. our surgeons and their patient coordinators will review all of the possible complications with you before your procedure. When you are ready to discuss rhinoplasty risks with your surgeon, you can receive a free consultation when you request your consultation online and schedule your visit during one of the convenient appointment times he has set aside exclusively for Web visitors.